Red Blogule to the bombing of Fallujah - Bombing, for image's sake - Bush is only targeting the US audience

20040429 (see blogules 2004)

Bush doesn't want the US audience to watch actual images of actual bodies covering the actual ground (especially those of American citizens - he never took into consideration the thousands of dead Irakis).

So CNN can move back to their video war : infrared features, no close-ups, just the sound of air strikes from a far distance, animations of up-to-date aircrafts exposing their Weapons of Mass Distraction, and the "Live" label in one corner of the screen to have people stay tuned around the clock to this excuse for a war.

Once again, covering up the mess. You may be embedded in our squads but please do not wake our citizens up. Get them the Valium we're prescribing but do not mention the side effects (or is it collateral damage ?). No pictures of coffins, thanks.

Of course this doesn't help the US forces in Iraq : they look even more remote from the population. Cut out from the country but deep into it at the same time. Hostages in a stubborn, dangerous man's reelection show.

Smile to the camera, son. Who knows, you may be in BC04's next ad.

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