Red Blogule to Bush's Hidden Agenda - The Dark Ages Of BC00

20040428 (see blogules 2004)

America can avoid collapsing deeper into the dark ages of BC04. Let's remind the public what BC00 was supposed to be all about, let's cite some quotes from Dubya's lovely coronation speech, let's talk "hidden agenda".

How can you trust someone who hides what he is doing, even to his fellow Republicans (Congress) ? Maybe Bush is not a Republican. Republic is about "res publica" - the public thing, debating in public...

The beauty of it is Bush is an adversary to his own camp and you should leverage on it. Many Republicans do not feel comfortable with the way he behaves and this vote is about restoring the democratical debate, ways beyond the usual donkey vs dumbo battle. Bringing America back on tracks. United we stand, but not against each other.

From History's point of view, Bush may become to the Republican Party what Hoover was to the FBI : the man who turned his house into a powerhouse but cast some shame on it as well, exposing the worst of it.

From France with hope.

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