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The Koreans already had to cope with Japan's revisionism. Now they're facing the North-East Project from their greater neighbour China. A legitimate pride of the country of the Morning Calm and a symbol of the Korean identity, Koguryo culture is now presented as an episode of China's history. All references to Korea are carefuly erased and more than a thousand so called historians have been drafted by Beijing to establish this new "truth".
Actually, Beijing is both delaying and preparing the ineluctable reunification. Their main concern is to avoid the rise of a strong Korean, shining all over the region : even after many authoritatian moves to alter the population mix, ethnic Koreans remain a significant minority in North East China as well as in South Eastern Russia, around Vladivostok. This explains why, from Beijing's point of view, the epicenter of Koguryo culture MUST be in China... even if History claims the opposite.
It is high time to denounce this revisionism and furthermore, to fix some limits to China's new imperialism across Asia.
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