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Imposture again. Would deserve more exposure in the medias.

How dares Bush say he is compassionate after missing such an historical opportunity as the "after 9/11"?

Just remember - it's not that far away: right after America has been struck by the most massive terrorist attack ever, the whole world is with the USA and grieves with them. Beyond terror, there is the hope for a new world: will the international community seize this unique opportunity to do things differently, to move closer to each other, to build a more tolerant and compassionate world ? The very first statesman to visit the US and Ground Zero is a man who as a mayor and Prime Minister, knew all about being hit by terror. A man who knew the worst thing to do was to start a religious crusade and fuel the hatred across the globe. Jacques Chirac offers Bush his full support and will send troops to Afghanistan because the war to the Taliban regime is legitimate for the war on terror.

But the POTUS made the wrong choices. Instead of leveraging on the support of the whole international community, he accumulates mistakes and manages, within a few weeks, to have most countries against the US (and the few leaders backing his crusades don't have the support of their own people). The victim becomes a wreckless outlaw, the criminals become heroes or victims. Bush is killing the 9/11 victims one more time, and will even do it once more during his campaign, using the images of the tragedy for his reelection ads.

The problem is showing compassion is not being compassionate, especially when you're making a show out of your so called compassion. Compassion is not about stealing other people's hearts.

But the American people isn't aware of this imposture. People who know are those who are used and abused by Bush's weapons of mass disinformation:
- look at the grieving 9/11 families opposing this misuse of their pain
- hear the Iraqi soccer players rebel at the Athens Olympics when they hear Bush is trying to take advantage of their successes (Bush eventually canceled his plans to go to Athens and tried to send his dove alibi Powell instead. A series of demonstrations made Powell cancel his trip too)
- listen to the Afghan leaders complain about the october 9 presidential elections (the calendar is totally irrealistic for the country, they know these elections are just another argument for Bush reelection campaign).

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