Red Blogule to "garbage diplomacy" - Cheney accused in France ?

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"Lobby Dick" could very much be convicted for the Halliburton-Technip scandal (corruption in Nigeria during the late 90s). The French prosecutor is considering asking the presidents of all the companies involved (Halliburton's KBR, France's Technip, Italy's Snamprogetti and Japan's JGC) to testify.

John Ashcroft is to meet France's Minister of Justice, Dominique Perben, on september the 30th. The issue will definitely be raised, and one could envision 2 scenarii :
- the clash : nothing is done to prevent Cheney's embarrassing fate
- the last minute deal : we save your campaign, do something for us (ie cancel that heavy fine you set earlier this year for the French regarding the Executive Life scandal - the person who's supposed to pay the most is a close friend to Chirac).

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