2003 blogules archives (March to December)

Red blogule to the "SUnoVa Car" (analyse this - boys with toys - 20031224).
Red blogule to "Halliburton and the 40 thieves" (things could be even worse : the most infamous VP in History is just one heartbeat away - 20031114).
Red blogule to the Weapons of Mass Disinformation (Masters in Bullshit Administration - when Dubya competes with Comical Ali - 20031030).
White blogule to Mystic River (seen worse flicks, seen better from Clint - 20031027).
Red blogule to XP - XP hate (Microsoft XP helps you expiate for all past and future, actual and virtual crimes - 20031015).
White blogule to "Wireless Korea" (wireless maybe, not exactly wirefree - 20030403).
Red blogule to Amerika - Take a walk on the dark side (experiencing US' Weapons of Mass Disinformation in Louisiana and Georgia - is this the country of freedom or a sick fascist revival ? - 20030318)

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