2004 blogules archives H1 (January - June)

. Red blogule to the Bush imposture - Bush is neither FDR nor Churchill (Dubya dares compare post-war Iraq with post-war Europe ? I suggest WWI instead of WWII : frustration, humiliation and lack of vision / understanding will necessarily lead to the birth of new Hitlers - 20040605) (French version published in Le Figaro 20040606)
. Red blogule to the neo-fascists - LET'S FACE IT THEY'RE FASCISTS (Disinfopedia discussion about the definition of "neo-cons" - with the highly relevant 1932 definition of Fascism by Benito Mussolini and more recent quotes from King Dubya, Lord of the Banana Republic of the Divided States of Amerika - 20040527-0602)
. Red blogule to the Abu Ghraib destruction - MEMORY : DELETED (GW Bush somehow shares the same vision of History as the Taliban or Wahabbit extremists who destroy antique buddahs or mosques : anything that doesn't fit their vision should be destroyed forever - You cannot rebuild anything strong on such grounds - 20040508)
. Red blogule to Iraqi Inc (financing the war is less urgent than financing the reconstruction - 20040501)
. Red blogule to the bombing of Fallujah - Bombing, for image's sake - Bush is only targeting the US audience (smile to the camera, son - who knows, you may be in BC04's next ad - 20040429)
. Red blogule to the Abu Ghraib mess - OUTLAWS AND DISORDER (one more nail in the coffin of the values that used to make America respected - 20040428)
. White blogule to a wake up call (one of the most important elections ever for the US - 20040428)
. Red blogule to fundamentalists - History will remember this surge in fundamentalism (remember the worst enemies of Al Qaida are not the US but moderate muslims - 20040428)
. Red blogule to the US plan to abandon the Iraqi flag (illegally invading a country isn't enough - they have to destroy the identity, culture and history of the nation - 20040428)
. Red blogule to the so called "war on terror" - Are you better off ? (yes, answer the terrorists - Amerika isn't waging a war on terror but in favor of it - 20040419)
. Red blogule to Bush's Hidden Agenda - The Dark Ages Of BC00 (Bush avoids the debate and doesn't even deserve the Republican label - 20040428)
. White blogule to Spain - at last we'll know where Aznar will land (the usual Carlyle golden parachute for USA Inc supporters, or a temp at Bush-Cheney '04 headquarters ? - 20040316)
. Red blogule to the Academy Awards - Found Nemo but lost the Triplets ("The Triplets of Belleville" are animation as it ought to be : moving - 20040306)

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