2004 blogules archives H2 (July - November 2)

. Red blogule to the Bush System - Prevent a New War of Secession (The Republican Party is bound to lose : either this election or their very soul - 20041101)
. Red blogule to the Alliance of Fanatics - Vote Bush-Bin Laden 2004 ! (a Middle-East politician invites himself to the presidential debate - 20041030)
. White blogule to John Edwards - One heartbeat away (better than Bush being one armpit away from Karl Rove - 20041026)
. White blogule to Republicans for Kerry-Edwards (To me this election mirrors the fight on terror : this isn't a war between America and terrorists but a war on moderate muslims by radical islamists - this isn't a Reps vs Dems thing but an attempted coup of extremists on the GOP, fundamentalists against moderate Republicans - 20041026)
. Red blogule to this "pro-life" President - Stem cells : who's the murderer ? (mass executer in Texas, responsible for tens of thousands of casualties in Iraq : did you say "pro-life" ? - 20041023)
. Red blogule to the diplomacy of coercion - Al Qaeda votes Bush (the biggest diplomatic failure this side of WWII - 20041019)
. Red blogule to the November (c)rush - Comical Ali Burton (Fallujah again - Bush is right when he says we should get rid of the thugs: it's time for him to get the heck outta the White House - 20041016)
. White blogule to the US Prez debates - The 3 winners of last night (the Cards, the Yanks and Kerry - 20041014)
. White blogule to the US Prez debates - The Rock and the snake (after 3 debates : on one side a steady rock, inflexible on principles but animated by positive dynamics, on the other, a snake unable to elevate the debate but when exposing his religious fanatism - 20041014)
. Red blogule to "Lobby Dick" (discussion with a former Halliburton worker in Iraq - 20041013)
. White blogule - putting more pressure on Dubya for debate 2 (Dubya is corrupting America from the inside - time for a change - 20041004)
. White blogule to the first US Prez debate - Masks off (Thursday's debate revealed both candidates as they truly are : an honest man guided by a strong personal ambition but also the values that built America, and a man less and less able to hide his own limits and contradictions. While Kerry decides after a long decision process but never compromises on values, Bush doubts more fundamentally about himself - 20041004)
. Red blogule to W - Bush flip-flopping before the debate (he fueled so much hatred across the muslim world any true democratic process would bring extremists to power - 20040928)

. Red blogule to Allawi - Allawi is the thug ("Saddam Sans Moustache" favored by the US - 20040924)
. Red blogule to "garbage democracy" - Cheney accused in France (trading the Veep with a French VIP - Pinault got Life, Cheney will remain free - 20040924)
. Red blogule to Bush Outlook 2.0 - No to Bush's agenda (imposing impossible schedules, how dares this man who made his own country an outlaw speak in the name of democracy ? - 20040919)
. Red blogule to fanatism (20040911)
. Red blogule to eraserheads - HOW ABOUT THE CHALABI FILES ? (whatever happened to the docs a US commando raided at the blackmailer's office ? - 20040910)
. Red blogule to subliminal ads - Subliminal ads watch (20040914)
. Red blogule to "Dismission Accomplished" - Don't let Bush take the lead and tell more lies about Afghanistan (20040910 x 2)
. White blogule to the preparation of the debates - Reality check (what are Bush's strongest points ? the worst man at the worst place at the worst time knows he's a fake : a weak leader, an amoral person who'd do anything to win, a miserable decision-maker, a fake compassionate, a power addict, a fake Republican, a fake supporter of democracy - 20040910)
. Red blogule to the "Dear Compassionate Leader" - Bush : the opposite of compassion (the great imposture - 20040910)
. White blogule to nickname contests (after "Turd Blossom", I suggest "Dear Compassionate Leader", "The Man Who Sold The War" / "Lobby Dick" - 20040905)
. Red blogule to BUSH'S ADDICTION TO POWER (continued) and (re-continued) (about "Bush On The Couch" by Justin A. Frank - 20040905)
. White blogule to Kerry's biting back - Wake up call (Wake up and look back at what this self-proclaimed "compassionate leader" did of your country at home and abroad! - 20040904)
. Red blogule to BUSH'S ADDICTION TO POWER (The guy may have recovered from a double addiction to alcohol and drugs, he is still deeply hooked to power - Body language betrays the wrong man at the wrong place at the wrong time, a wannabe who should never have been - 20040904 x 2)
. Red blogule to BUSH, THE NEW HUGO CHAVEZ (stop demagogy ! decyphering Dubya's 20001213 acceptance speech and 20010120 inauguration speech - 20040902)
. Red blogule to China's revisionim - No to the Chinese cultural Anschluss (Koguryo / Goguryo : yes to the Korean identity, no to the Chinese supremacy - 20040901)
. Red blogule to the French language - No equivalent to "liberal" (about Bourdieu's "neoliberalism" concept - In French, a "liberal" person is in favor of unleashed capitalism and total deregulation. From an Hegelian point of view, one may think the French are so much enslaved in capitalism their language considers ultimate capitalism as ultimate freedom - 20040901)
. Red blogule to the New Lie - France was not against a war on Iraq if all other options failed (the issue was not about removing Saddam from power but about starting a war with a wrong motive, without any propper peace strategy, but with a clear and immediate danger of fueling terrorism across the planet in general and BRINGING it to Iraq in particular - War isn't only a matter of boys using toys and friends getting contracts - 20040829)
. Red blogule to Bush's doubletalk (a stubborn again Christian, a power abuser, an amoral wannabe who by mistake or theft somehow managed to become the most powerful person in the world - 20040829)
. Red blogule to the Electoral College system - Abolish (I consider the primaries an interesting crash test for a most-powerful-person-in-the-world wannabee but Governors have no right to cook according to their own receipe - 20040829)
. Red blogule to Bush - Stealing words (enough of this imposture - expose him ! 20040829)
. Red blogule to the use of terror - Terrorists and Resistants (my definition of terrorism - slightly different from Dubya's, to wit anyone threatening his reelection - 20040828)
. White blogule to the Young Republicans - Young Republicans Denounce Bush (even Reagan nostalgics would look decent compared to the White House mob - 20040824)

. White blogule to - online anagram tool (take a break with methane post - 20040823)
. Red blogule to Ralph Nader - Independant days are over (vote Bush-Nader 2004 with the help of such fellow Republicans as Freedomworks / CSE / Citizens for a Sound Economy - 20040822)
. White blogule to the UT Watch - UTIMCO - The Texas chain not only saw but also did the massacre (mass destruction of public funds - the Texas mob at its worst - 20040817)
. Red blogule to The Bush Klan at Work (about Bob Herbert's article "Suppress The Black Vote ?" - you load sixteen votes, whaddya get ? another day older and deeper in jail... - 20040817 x 2)
. Red blogule to POWER OUTRAGES (America, it's time for a wake up call : your president is dangerous and should be kept away from power - 20040816)
. Red blogule to the "COMMANDER IN THIEF" (continued) - (who gives a Hoover Dam ? 20040817)
. Red blogule to the "COMMANDER IN THIEF" (a "Peace President" for a nation in pieces - 20040816)
. White blogule to Fahrenheit 9/11 - THE NEW MOORE'S LAW (double the intensity of the attacks at each new movie, and use the same weapons as Fox News - 20040716) (Published in Newsweek - 20041018)
. White blogule to US GO METRIC (to me, a tourist from planet Zorg, it's like watching a cricket game: exotic terms, old fashioned clothes, strange scores, crazy rules... but everyone looks normal and even the audience seems to understand what's going on - 20040715)
. White blogule to Kerry-Edwards' positive campaign (ok for a good cop - bad cop stunt with Michael Moore, but is that guy strong enough to match Karl Rove's mudslide ? 20040715-19)
. Red blogule to the Israel Factor in the US (Bill Clinton cannot spill his beans because he wants to become USA' First Male First Lady - The ties with Saudi Arabia are not very sane either but can easily be summed up in such units as currencies or gallons - 20040711)

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