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"Blogules" are, as you may have guessed, small blogs. Some are red, rather aggressive but nourishing. Some are white, more of the "slomo" kind, but also profitable for the organism. They ain't no literature, but I need to relieve my animal self.
My "serious" productions as an author are strictly restricted to paper... unless Google Almighty manages, one glorious day, to scan the underground publications which have been burrying some of my short stories for a couple of decades.

Quite a few blogules have been spilled since March 2003 (mostly about politics, which explains the profile of my visitors : many media, national and local governments, military units...). Looking back in the mirror, I'm not proud of many of them (and not only because of the poor quality of my non-native English)... but that was the deal I made with myself from the beginning. A few are still relevant. And not necessarily among those which have been published by such media as Newsweek, the New York Times or Le Figaro.

My first blogules (2003-2004) were handmade, and directly spilled on
one unique page (mind the splash). I postponed the switch to Blogger and better ergonomics up untill the Great Depression (November the 2nd, 2004 - US Presidential Elections). I waited untill 2007 to copy my old blogules on this back-up site.

So welcome to this lousy blogules transfusion center !
  • To view the blog (2005 and afterwards), come visit my new and improved blogules
  • To view my older archives, come visit my old and improved blogules (year 2003 and 2004)
  • To view my old and unimproved blogules, visit the original and unergonomical page

Not your blog type ? I also spill blogules in French (, about football / soccer (footlog - also in French), and even about mobility (mot-bile, the click and mortal portal). Not to mention a few definitions, plus some not always snappy answers to not always stupid questions.

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