Define: intellectual capital

I would define it as the maximum potential of intangible assets for a given company. Putting a value on a patent is one thing, putting a value on a member of your staff another, not to mention the countless combinations of internal and external networking.

FC Nantes' former soccer coach, Raynald Denoueix, used to say a player costs a lot, another player costs a lot, and what goes between them is unvaluable. One could try building a scoring tool taking into account all variables including the networking abilities but I wouldn't pay much attention to a monodimensional score. To me, it is like IQ : it may look convenient but you can neither sum up nor shrink intelligence into one dimension.

Yet, you are into strategy and development consulting, your clients expect some nice and efficient tools. I would try a spiderweb shaped matrix (ie 5-notch-axis).”

(answer to the question "How would you define & meassure the "Intellectual Capital" of a company?")

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