On flying comfort

(answer to a question / survey on flight comfort - which of the 5 following items are your 2 priorities ? leg room, armrest size, seat width, tray table size, reclines a lot)

1. Leg Room (you don't want to scream each time the guy in front of you reclines)

2. Reclines a lot (you want to rest your back during a long trip without crunching the guy behind you)

Why the 1+2 combo :
- if your legs and back can't take a good rest, neither can you
- I'm not particularily tall (rather avg), but for the price of the ticket, I expect to enjoy my seventh inning / hour stretch without leaving my seat.
- you are neither trapped when seated next to a window, nor feeling your neighbor crawl over you when seated next to a corridor, which solves most guy-seated-next-to-you issues (except for supersized Golden Arches lovers, size matters more vertically than horizontally)

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