On mankind growing by learning from its mistakes

(answer to the question "Do you think that mankind has grown by learning from its mistakes ?")

Our civilization has been surviving for quite a few centuries and won't vanish overnight like the Maya's... unless someone decides to push that darn red button that is. I'd say mankind has grown to the point it became one civilization, and it has no choice but to learn from its mistakes. I don't think mankind has always grown by learning from its mistakes but I know it can't keep growing without it. The XXIst century is key at all levels (environment, economics, politics, religion, health, social divides...).

Such "positive" thinkers as Lobby Dick Cheney could dub Yugoslavia's collapse and the Rwanda or Darfur scandals the "last throes" of the old order (heck : some dictators have been "smoked out" even in Africa), but I'm not so sure. Ten-twenty years from now, we'll eventually have some notions of what can be achieved during this century.

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mason said...

I am astounded by your thinking! Simply marvelous. I'm fairly certain i am totally smitten!

I chose to respond to this piece because i think it's the first imperfect piece of yours i have run into and because i happen to have been thinking about human progress today.

Your first sentence is indeed perfect. We have been surviving, but very little else.

We have indeed produced many individuals and some leaders that have learned from the mistakes of past. Such people are able to look back but know how important it is to point forward.

I would say mankind has grown to the point it (ought) become one civilisation, but i don't think we have become that quite yet. I do think we are tantalisingly close, however! The crux will be whether we manage to follow those who have learned or stick with those who would rather fight over who's responsible for the failures.

Your amazing disposition, wit and brilliance are great blessings. These delightful definitions must continue. They are particularly good qualities to have if one is to keep oneself and others forward moving!

Combined with your other writings, they are a fascinating glimpse into a compelling emergent philosophic outlook or style that i am glad to have encountered!

Best wishes!


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