On SWOT analysis

(answer to a question on SWOT analysis templates)

I never used any template for a SWOT. I cannot open up my mind in closed walls. You must have a comprehensive view of your environment, but always a fresh one. You must always challenge it, leveraging on the expertise around you. Do not see your company and your environment as you see it but as your coopetitors would do. And don't see competitors as competitors ; see beyond your market to spot new coopetitors.

Rule number one : have fun. You know you cannot cover every dimension nor every angle so relax and embrace uncertainties. If you are looking for a competitive edge, think ahead.

(answer to another question on SWOT analysis in general)

SWOT is only a frame, and the value doesn't lie in the frame. Your kid's drawing may look terrific, you probably wouldn't get as much money from it as if you sold your Basquiat over eBay. Besides, SWOT should be open and dynamic, evolutive. It is a (big) picture, but you should be able to see the movement behind, get the notion of what's missing.

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