Red Blogule to The Academy Awards (found Nemo but lost the Triplets)

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"The Triplets of Belleville" are animation as it ought to be : moving.

Shame on the Academy for rewarding "Finding Nemo" : it takes a hour and a half to enjoy this "easy watching" production - as much as it takes to forget all about it and obviously as much as it took an army of screenwriters to build the scenario. Without Pixar's technical power and without Disney's ability to format any creative attempt into some politically correct soup, Chomet managed to give birth to the best movie of the year, and one of the best animation movies ever.

I enjoyed every moment of this jewel because I felt the audience was respected and the author really gave everything he had in it. It's charming, beautiful, moving, funny, but without the usual Hollywood tricks. Pure pleasure. A timeless masterpiece animated by an intelligent mind, not the production of some studio exec trying to animate you.

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NB : PAL version in the Amazon link

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