Red Blogule to Allawi - Allawi is the thug


The Americans are not told Bush's man in Baghdad was nicknamed "Saddam Sans Moustache" by the Iraqis as Hussein ruled. That he was one of his worst thugs till Saddam decided to mollify the Baath doctrine.

Allawi dares present himself as a hero because of his hostility to Saddam, but he was the one to blow the whistle to the dictator for the uprising attempt in Kurdistan, contributing to the bloodbath.

Now that he has the job he'd been dreaming of for decades (fighting over it with his cousin Chalabi), Allawi is not likely to leave it. He's bound to have the democratic legitimacy he needs because Bush forced elections in Iraq in january so that no opponent has time to make himself known.

Now Allawi can pay Bush back by praising his disastrous attack on Iraq, contributing to his French bashing frenzy or whatever his master sees fit.

Democracy ? No way Jose. Business as usual.

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