Red Blogule to the Bush imposture - Bush is neither FDR nor Churchill

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France cannot thank the US enough for the 1944 Liberation.

But I cannot accept the indecence of Bush when he dares comparing himself to FDR and Churchill, comparing post-war Iraq and post-war Europe. If a comparison were to be made, 1918-19 would be more suitable than 1944-45. The poor handling of the victory vs Germany shaped the next World War and was key to the rise of Hitler.

As a Frenchman I'm ashamed of the way we humiliated Germany back then with the Versailles treaty, even occupying part of their country and exploiting their natural ressources in key industrial regions (without the help of Halliburton but as boldly).

Among the frustrated, a young wounded Austrian soldier overwhelmed by his own anger. His name : Adolf Hitler.

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