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The guy may have recovered from a double addiction to alcohol and drugs, he is still deeply hooked to power. Hear him talk about presidency (on the TV, at the RNC...), and see how high he is on it.

Now watch this drive, from a Newsweek interview (20040906) : "The Oval Office is a powerful place. It's the kind of place where people stand outside, 'I'm going to come in and tell him what for', and they walk in and get overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and say, 'Man, you're looking beautiful, Mr President' ?(Laughter). And, therefore, you'd better have people that walk in and say, You're right and wrong, and I do."

This man is definitely wrong. The wrong man at the wrong time at the wrong place.

His body language betrays him : the guy is very weak. A wannabe who should never have been, who enjoys every single bit of it who'd do whatever it takes to get his daily fix.

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