Red Blogule to the "COMMANDER IN THIEF"

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Caught stealing bases, our "Commander In Thief" manages to collect a few hundred thousand votes withdrawing troops from countries where the US are unlikely to strike soon (unless the neocons want to hunt some "weasels" in Germany, that is).

How are the boys supposed to take that in Baghdad, Dubya ? Do 70,000 happy families compensate the 1,000 or so stricken by a death provoked by your stubbornness, the few thousands coping with a wounded relative ?

Now you pretend to be a "Peace President". Considering the excuse of a war you set up, I'd rather not see you destroy the image of peace I have. Go back to your ranch and shoot some ducks with your pal Dick (tip: book in advance). Leave the commands to someone who knows about risking his own skin, dodging real bullets (and sometimes receiving others) instead of dodging his duties (and sometimes stealing others).

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