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You will hear a lot about Afghanistan since Bush has planned presidential elections there for october the 9th - totally insane considering the situation there (and Afghani leaders complain, except the man the US put in power*), but what counts is the nov 2nd elections.

You said it : Afghanistan was a war on terror... not Iraq. But the US didn't invest what they said they would : the country is back to mass production of drug, and anarchy rules across the country. Talibans and intolerance are back, security is inexistant but in certain parts of Kabul. "Dismission accomplished".

Bush waged the war there because he was compelled to. But he used this alibi ticket to ride much further than allowed...

SM on a forum

* there may not be oil in Afghanistan, but there is a power issue as well : Hamid Karzai used to be adviser to UNOCAL - a US oil company with a good position in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico - for a pipeline project.

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