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Attacking Bush on Iraq is fine, but don't forget Afghanistan's "demission accomplished". Bush wanted free elections to help his reelection, and they will take place on october the 9th. Get ready for more disinformation folks.

What Bush will say : Afghanistan is discovering democracy. For the first time, free elections will be held. 18 candidates prove there is a true democracy on the move. Mission accomplished. + BONUS : by the way, we just arrested Osama in the area! Vote for me!

What we must say about Bush's failure in Afghanistan : "dismission accomplished". Because of the war in Iraq, the US didn't finish the job in Afghanistan. The country didn't receive the help it was supposed to get. Intolerance and insecurity are back, so are the talibans, and the production of drug has boomed as never before. Bush betrayed his promise to Afghanistan, which was supposed to be the priority. Afghanistan was truly about the war on terro, not Iraq. Everybody supported it and French soldiers are still fighting there. But Bush used this alibi ticket for a wilder ride.

What we must know about these elections : most democrats in Afghanistan denounce them as a simple reelection tool for Bush. The country is not ready for elections, the calendar is too short to let a real campaign take place, and most people don't even have any ID in the country. Everything is set to elect Karzai, the man of Washington. Because the world was focusing on Iraq, it was possible to prevent the same from happening there, but at the beginning, Bush demanded elections in Iraq to be held before november 2004 too...

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