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What irritates me most about Iraq is not the fact everything was foreseeable (except the US public opinion harrassed by Weapons of Mass Disinformation, no one was actually deceived). It is the fact a great part of strategical mistakes were not mistakes but actual clear-headed-cold-blodded choices.

History will remember this troubled era when fundamentalists held the power and/or the media simultaneously in the Middle-East, in Israel and in the US, feeding each other with their radical ideologies. It is high time to remove the leaders that can be removed and it is high time for each religion to speak aloud and expose their values of tolerance and respect. Democracy gives opportunities to both the US and Israel, Christianism has one leader who can - at times - speak for his church, but there is no equivalent for Islam. Saudi Arabia could play a positive role... once they kick the wahabbits, that is.

Let us remember the worst enemies of al Qaeda are not the US (right now Bush is actually their best ally), but moderate muslims whose only weapon is speech and most of the time don't have any license to carry such a dangerous weapon.


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