Red Blogule to the New Lie - France was not against a war on Iraq (if all other options failed)

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GWB on CNN's Larry King Live : "this debate on coalitions is a very interesting debate. Sometimes I think they're basically saying that there is no such thing as a coalition unless the French are involved. But the truth of the matter is, the French are involved in Afghanistan, and the French have been involved in Haiti. The French government just didn't agree with the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power. And, therefore, there was a difference of opinion on that issue."

A Frenchman, I cannot accept this lie : the issue was not about removing Saddam from power but about starting a war with a wrong motive, without any propper peace strategy, but with a clear and immediate danger of fueling terrorism across the planet in general and BRINGING it to Iraq in particular. The war in Afghanistan was completely linked to the war on terror. Too bad Mr Bush used this token for an illegal wild ride, forgetting to finish the job where it mattered : instead of financing what was planned there, he's asking for more billions to cover up his mess in Baghdad. Afghanistan is back to drug mass production, insecurity, corruption and intolerance. Dismission accomplished.

Bush should remember the position of the French government : they were not against a war on Iraq, but only if all other options failed. War isn't only a matter of boys using toys and friends getting contracts. The decision of going to war should not be left into the hands of this man.

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