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Funny how Dubya's man in Iraq (the great democrat Allawi formerly known as "Saddam Sans Moustache" in Baghdad) raised the opportunity of an international conference about Iraq just days before the Kerry-Bush debate on international issues.

The French had been asking for such a conference for over one year, but Bush remained deaf to their recommandations. Now the French diplomats are finding ways to postpone this meeting since they do not want the process to be hostage to Bush's reelection bid.

I'm sick and tired of the manipulation of the international agenda by King Dubya of the Banana Republic of the Divided States of America. The truth is Bush failed. He brought chaos instead of democracy. He fueled so much hatred across the muslim world any true democratic process would bring extremists to power. Do the Americans want to be treated as puppets too ? Do they really want four more years of this sick joke ?

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