Flash fiction : Monsoon Story

Chris suggested "monsoon story" as a prompt for Saturday's SWW (under pouring rain - typhoon hitting Korea). My poor shot :

The kid doesn't even try to yell. Their eyes have locked and all the information has been transferred at broadband speed : I'm stuck on this roof, this flash flood is going to swallow it soon, and there's no way a 12 year old like me can survive this fury. What can a 40ish guy like you do to help me, beyond documenting my certain death with his camera, that is ?

Brad keeps shooting, the quizzical look on the kid's face now an angry stare. Now he can't lower his Nikon for fear of facing it without the protection of several layers of lenses.

Won't this goddam roof ever collapse ?

Answering Brad's prayers, a sinister crrraack tears through the merciless downpour.

The first thing the kid asked his rescuers in the chopper was if they could pick his camera, still hanging on that tree by the broken bridge.

Stephane MOT - 20110625

flash fictions


Flash fiction : What am I doing here ?

Not a fiction but flash nonetheless (the deal : "What am I doing here", true story that happened to you, under 200 words)

"Late December 1991. After a few weeks in Korea, I’m getting used to the diffuse tension of Seoul streets, and already hooked to local eateries. Today, I’m heading for a late lunch in Pimatgol, and the street behind the US Embassy feels surprisingly quiet and deserted.
Suddenly, a projectile passes just inches from my nose. In the corner of my eye a man ducks behind a concrete fence. More dark shadows swiftly shift positions in the street covered with snow.
Then I realize these Korean soldiers are enjoying the mother of all snow battles, running for cover behind fences, giggling as they pack their next balls. Kids playing with kids weapons, but also full grown men with the most advanced military training.
Now tens of snowballs are crisscrossing the street at the same time in a perfectly organized choreography. I wish I had a camera to catch this ephemeral Bruegelian scene but at the same time, this moment should not be existing.
I don’t remember if I stayed long or just kept walking across this surreal battlefield. I do remember smiling back at a few warriors, cheering for a bull’s eye shot, and never again witnessing such joy on their faces."
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