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The Republican Party is bound to lose : they either lose this election or lose their very soul. A Bush reelection would mean the success of the raid of a group of extremists on the GOP. To those who wonder how such a mob of liars, crooks, religious fanatics and extreme right madhatters could ever be reelected, remind them a man like Hugo Chavez managed to get democratically reelected earlier this year.

What would mean a Bush reelection but the risk of a political war of secession across the US ? Moderate Reps and Dems could unite in the Resistance. Whole states could refuse more extremist laws or worse fully comply to them. History proves any people can regress into fascism and never since McCarthy-Hoover has this country been so dangerously close to it - we're not talking neibourhood watch militia : remember Patriot Act I encourages denouncement and Patriot Act II would legalize the deportation of US citizens. Can America afford four more years of Kind Dubya, Lord of the Banana Republic of the Divided States of America ? Beyond the man, there is a system of negation of what made this country a great country respected across the globe. What would History think of a people who decides to keep them in power ?

This can be prevented : America must wake up on time and elect a President who respects the values of this country. Vote Kerry.

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