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(discussion following previous blogule - Bush loves his role but is a puppet)

Definietely. Bush insistes heavily on his decision making capabilities because he knows he's always been a puppet to these lads, always been surrounded by powerful people and expecting their recognition*.

His lapses / bushisms about wishing to be a dictator or not feeling accountable to anyone prove he's craving for more because he is not fully exercing power.

Yet, power abuse is getting him high at different stages : when he announces the decision to the public, and when he feels the envy / respect / expectation from other people's look. It is a matter of make-believe. But deep inside, he's still the same unsure self. It shows on the TV. Body language doesn't lie.

This is why Dubya constantly needs to be told you good boy did the right thing, you look great, especially in this pilot suit, you're the hell of a golf player (I did watch your drive buddy... awesome!)...

* first of all from his father, but he's always failing in his quest to match his record at Yale, as a pilot, as a sportsman, as a oil businessman and eventually as a politician (I hope this other Walker won't reach second base either). He's more likely to stand next to his granddad in history books (infamous Nazi ties).

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