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(discussion about the US system of indirect prez elections)

I'm not very found of the Electoral College system either, which is not fully democratic. But I consider the primaries an interesting crash test for a most-powerful-person-in-the-world wannabee (pure demagogists could be elected - Howard Dean is one thing, Hugo Chavez another kind).

Yet, direct vote is the best system for such a national election (especially since the US consider themselves a leading democracy), not this "nationocal" madness where Republican supporters back Nader and voting methods vary from one state or one county to another (ie the nepotic Banana Republic system in Florida). In this country, the knowledge is kept by a minority and the majority can easily be betrayed (ie the Y2K Floridian bug).

A reform is badly needed and local elections should be held independantly from the national ones. It should be a Federal issue where Governors have no right to cook according to their own receipe.

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