Red Blogule to the Israel Factor in the US

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(discussion on the impossibility of raising Israel-Palestine issues during the campaign)

Indeed, criticizing Israel is a no / no in the US. Listening to Clinton on CNN yesterday, I was once more disappointed by the mildness of his criticism. Off course he's still competing to become the US' "First Male First Lady" and cannot fully spill his beans. He cannot imagine any solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict outside of the Israel-Palestine-US triangle, even if only the UN could provide an independant and (west ?) bankable background.

The relationship between the US and Israel is not sane and has no equivalent in History. On one hand Israel seems a US protectorate, on the other hand Israel holds a firm grip on US politics and media. And it goes beyond the Rep-Dem barrier. The ties with Saudi Arabia are not very sane either but can easily be summed up in such units as currencies or gallons.

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