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Thursday's debate revealed both candidates as they truly are : an honest man guided by a strong personal ambition but also the values that built America, and a man less and less able to hide his own limits and contradictions.

The thing is the one who doubts is not the one you may think : while Kerry decides after a long decision process but never compromises on values, Bush doubts more fundamentally about himself. His own lies don't fool him anymore and he knows his so called values are just one more set of lies.

For over one year now George W. Bush has been betrayed by his body language : the more the man insists on his confidence, the more his body screams the opposite. Last thursday, this lonely man looked like the tragic buffon success has abandoned. Beyond the loss of the debate (how could a man who refuses the very idea of debate win ?), Bush seems lost for good.

Can his staff manage a spectacular turnaround before next debate - any other way than with more lies in more coward ads that is ? I can't even dare imagining how deep in the mud Karl Rove will have to dig this time...

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