White Blogule to the Young Republicans - Young Republicans Denounce Bush

20040824 (see blogules 2004)

Once again, in George Bush's Divided States of America, the great divide is not between Republicans and Democrats, but between the people who respect democracy and the republic on one side, and this very Bush Administration on the other one.

The wake up call from the young generation of Republicans exposed in this article is great news for the Republican Party, but also American politics in general. The John-John ticket should rejoice as well:
"Sunday, Aug. 22, 2004 - Earlier this month, a group of students met in Washington to bash George W. Bush, debate the power of multinational corporations and hear a speaker who denounced the Iraq war, the Patriot Act and stricter airport security. A leader of these college kids calls them "the new counterculture", but here's the thing: they aren't liberals. The 185 students were in Washington to attend the 26th annual National Conservative Student Conference."

From "The Right's New Wing", an article by John Cloud in Time Magazine.

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